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naturally dyed black merino wool, Taylor weaved to resemble cobwebs, draped and embroidered into linen canvas, and sewn leather details. housed in a handcrafted oak wood frame, Connor shou sugi ban charred and sanded to create a smokey dark brown tone. 31w x 49h x 3d

The more I ignored my inner truth and neglected the self-improvement work that needed to be done, the more I could not escape the growing crescendo of my shadows. Eventually, the consequences of my avoidance became overwhelming and impossible to ignore. To embark on the path of healing is to confront the shadows within—the aspects of ourselves that we have long neglected or denied. These shadows, born from past traumas, unhealed wounds, and buried emotions, cast a veil over our lives, obscuring the light of our true essence.

Within the labyrinth's corridors of healing, I am but a traveler navigating the intricate terrain of my soul. My journey is not one of avoidance or evasion but rather a courageous exploration into the shadows that linger in the cavity of my being. For decades, I hid behind substances and instantly gratifying fixes that pushed the pain down deeper into my subconscious. The beliefs I developed made it hard to see my worth, and forgiving myself felt like a scapegoat.

Yet, the seeds of transformation lie in the depths of these shadows. Through shadow work, we unravel the tangled threads of our subconscious, bringing to light that which has long been shrouded in darkness. We confront our fears, insecurities, and deepest pains with unwavering courage and compassion.

Shadows Crescendo—dark and enigmatic, adorned with black netting and woven black leather—metaphorically represents the shadows accompanying us on our journey toward illumination. It encourages the viewer to contemplate the transformative nature of shadow work, allowing us to be open to understanding the way we view the world around us differently. As we grow closer to the light source, the shadows disappear, and our proper form is all there is. By navigating and unearthing my soul's buried fragments, I understood that healing was a lifelong process involving constant personal inventory.  My path to healing has been paved with trials and tribulations, each obstacle a poignant reminder of the wounds that have shaped me. Yet, within the darkness of these wounds, I began to see the necessity to work on the way I viewed myself, and it is only by confronting the shadows that hold those memories that we can truly heal.  In the crescendo of each shadow, we find darkness and wisdom. Each shadow holds a lesson, a message waiting to be deciphered—a reflection of our deepest fears, desires, and unresolved conflicts. Through shadow work, we reclaim the power we have unwittingly relinquished to our past traumas, reclaiming sovereignty over our narrative.

Healing is not a linear journey—it is a cyclical process of growth and renewal, marked by moments that spark insight and confront us with staggering vulnerability. It is a journey of integration, of embracing the entirety of our being—the light and the shadow alike. The path to loving ourselves fully, unlocking the deservingness needed to move confidently around the world, is to love the light and darkness equally.  With its dark brown tone, the charred oak frame adds a sense of contrast and grounding to the composition, emphasizing the transformative nature of shadows as they deepen and intensify in proximity to light. Just as shadows grow darker and more pronounced as we approach the source of light, so too do our inner shadows reveal themselves in their most accurate form when we confront self-discovery. Forgiveness brings me closer to wholeness, each shadow illuminated by the radiant light of self-awareness. In embracing my shadows, I reclaim my power. I am no longer defined by the wounds of my past but by the courage with which I confront them. As I continue my journey of healing and self-discovery, I am reminded that within the shadows lies the key to my liberation—a key that has been in my possession all along.

 - Written together, Taylor + Connor Robinson. March 2024.  



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rose gold toned painting concrete, sand, raw pigment textured abstract contemporary painting housed in a walnut wood handcrafted frame. displayed in a modern interior designed home with marble furnishings.
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