Visceral home is a husband and wife owned small business, creating fine art and home decor together. Connor woodworks + builds the canvases, and Taylor paints them. Our mission is to continue to evolve as artists, business owners, friends, family, mental health advocates, and most importantly community. Utilizing natures gifts as mediums. Helping people name emotion through art, expanding their ability to tap into empathy though texture. 

We feel in music, paint, floating on boards in the ocean, writing, poetry, and design. We seek to cultivate empathy and vulnerability by challenging those we meet through this business and life to find a passion to help the ones around them feel comfortable talking about mental health. 

The stigma revolving mental health and substance use disorder is bigger than us. Bigger than you. As much as you scream, it's rare ONE person can be heard. We hope to grow a community inspired to be educated and educate on the realities of mental health and addiction. 

We want to create works of art that when you look at makes you feel full and creative, and also inspired and connected. With the draw to the colors, the purposefulness of the texture, the freedom of abstract, the depth of the inspiration, the usefulness of its presence, from pain and fear to hope, beauty, and artistic creation, overflow of emotion onto canvas/

Creating all of our pieces by hand, start to finish, we take pride in the love we infuse into our art. Thoughtfully choosing the wood and linen cloth for canvases, we try to keep sustainability in the forefront of our projects. When executing a project I utilize the mediums nature has organically blessed us with before choosing the man-made details I need/want to add to the project. Experimenting consistently with new resources to keep minimizing our carbon footprint.

Art, and creating art, is a gift to everyone. Everyone should be able to experience and benefit from the wonders of creative expression. We want to make it easier to bring that creation to you that enriches and enhances your life, your wardrobe, your home. 

Follow along with us as we expand our creative abilities, use design to offer comfort within your home, and welcome uncertainty. 

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