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I am 29 years old I grew up in Charleston, SC. I love to surf, skate, play music, build, and create. I enjoy working with Taylor on creating the final vision for the art. I had never really built much artistically except for a couple of times with some scraps from a construction site, but not for fine art. It first started with me building a canvas for Taylor because we didn't have a lot of  money and I had some supplies that I thought I could use to build a canvas. I used some scrap wood I found and a burlap drop cloth along with some scavenged screws, glue, etc. to create a hand built canvas. It came out great and I was very happy. Then Taylor painted something beautiful on it and I was even more proud and excited. I wanted to continue to build canvases. I started to get better at it and was really enjoying building them. Ideas started to flow into my head. Ideas about cool new ways to build a canvas, different shapes and sizes, frames, what angles could accent the painting etc. I was hooked! I wasn't thinking about the state of the world, how many bills I have to pay, or the stock market antics. This was a great way for me to have some relief in creative expression and fulfill the desire to build with my hands. There's something primitively instinctive about building with wood that just puts my head into a state of basic necessity. I also share the same hopes that Taylor has to bring an encouraging and uplifting meaning behind what we do and how we create. Thankyou so much for letting us be a part of your journey and we are very excited for all the new and constructive endeavors.
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