Connor Robinson is the builder of his wife Taylor's canvases and frames for her artwork. He loves to use different types of raw wood that displays the life of the tree through the design in the grains. He loves the feeling of the wood, the density, the smell, the grains, the possibilities of what could be created with it. Connor finds great satisfaction in building things with his hands and especially the things that are a part of something bigger and beautiful like Taylors work. To him, there's something primitively instinctive about building with wood that satisfies an itch that he didnt know was there. It allows him to quiet the chatter in his mind, to focus on the smallest of details of the wood and the building process. In these days mindfulness and serenity can be a highly valued privilege, something for him to work for and appreciate while he goes about his endeavors in creating. Connor is a deep thinking, analytical, emotional, and sensitive type that since he can remember seemed to wonder about the meaning of life, the beauty and pain of it, and wanted to explore and discover ways of expressing oneself while learning what it means to be human. This mission, this curiosity, longing for connection, longing for meaning, longing for expressive freedom created a void in him because he felt it to be too grand a task, this consistent introspective aporia made him spiritually and emotionally exhausted. Connor had moments of wanting to give up on this daunting quest but no matter how rough the path was there too was what also was wonderous sometimes miraculous an outcome that had led him through to an opening of freedom and enlightenment enough for him to keep on his journey a little stronger and wiser, and because of his stubbornness, until he strayed again. Through his soul searching, moments of chaos and clarity, through all the pain and denial, driven to great depths just to be pulled up again, longing for proof of the unsolvable beyond faith, he had gained wisdom enough to know what love is and that his life is a gift, and the mystery is one that is not one for him to solve but to enjoy wondering. When Connor met Taylor, he knew life is meant to enjoy wondering together, experiencing together, his heart knew she was a part of the map to his soul's freedom. She was the part of the journey where he could experience the miracoulous, the devine, the beauty, the pain, the purpose, the deep love that was enlightening and a reminder of what his spirit knew all along. Connor fell in love with her, her heart, her pain, her joy, her spirit, how she expressed herself, her art was a segue to all the truths and beauty that is. The way she created it, her passion behind it, our being two different creations that combine into one, having a purpose of exploring and connecting all the beauty of life together and trying to share that purpose and connection with others. 

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