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beavertail lighthouse

beavertail lighthouse

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plaster + oil + concrete stucco 
50 x 29 x 3 wooden canvas set in a handmade wooden frame stained with dark walnut stain. 

I created this painting intended to be seen both horizontally and vertically—- it looks like a different painting both ways.

inspired by the view at beaver tail lighthouse in Jamestown, RI. 

when I lived on Jamestown I went to beaver tail lighthouse a few times a week. 

a week before I left Rhode Island I sat at beaver tail and begged the universe for a sign what to do. To leave or to stay. I knew if I stayed I would fall deeper into my addiction, and I knew I had to leave a relationship that destroyed me. 

walking to my car I met a couple from charleston who asked to take their picture— I took that as a sign. Back then i wasn’t in the right mindset to truly process A N Y T H I N G but what I did know is that was a screaming sign to go back to charleston. 

even though I fell deeper into my active addiction when I returned— that was what was suppose to happen to lead me to where I am today.

the connection I have to Jamestown, RI and the people who live there is pretty indescribable- it’s clique to say “you’d have to live there to understand” but I think anyone/everyone who has spent time there will know that’s the only way to explain its magic. 






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