we’ve weathered the storm

42 x 32 x 3. intended to be hung horizontally or vertically. handcrafted poplar wood frame stained black. concrete + sand + oil + ground black onyx + plaster were layered 4+ times. sanded + reenvisioned. after the layers of texture were dry, it was painted with copper paint. after the copper paint was dry, we laid a green patina aging oxidizing rust over the copper. creating the beautiful rust you see underneath the brushed black pigment + watercolor. 

Some of the most beautiful things in life are created by time. Like the earth's canyons, they are developed over time by erosion from the water. Beautiful crystals are born under the influence of extreme temperatures and pressures. The seasons change brings spring blooms and autumns fall. Also, statues can reflect this change brought about by time. Some statues we know to be beautiful green/bluish green with different tones and patterns. Those that have this look are the older ones that have been exposed to the variety of conditions that the weather brings. The harsh conditions of the storms and wind over time cause the oxidation of the copper which produces the most unique patina rust. We, like the copper, have had weathering, we've had life leave scars on us that change the look of our skin, we've had tough times that have changed who we are as individuals, for a while in a bad way, just like the oxidation of the copper when it was still in the process of making that change. there are times we still hurt and challenge the thought of being broken but this process as it takes its course becomes more and more full and transformed with the new beautiful patina color of the oxidized copper. When the final layer of patina has finished forming, the statue is stronger and more resilient to the weather. We too transform as we learn from the harsh conditions in life and turn that pain into strength and wisdom. Through that transformation, we've become stronger, different, and beautiful: in a way that reflects our growth, our weathering process, our tough lessons learned, and some of those that there is no way to learn but by enduring such treacherous pain. We have weathered the storm and come out on the other side changed. Our layer of patina is beautiful and sought after. We are like statues that have been through many storms. They have stories of time that you can see, and strength you can feel, from the layer of patina it developed as it spent enduring through the years.

The hanging gear installed to each piece differs by weight, size, and frame type. We install the best option for each work, and *test* them on our studio wall way before a purchase is made, to ensure the gear is sturdy and reliable for the weight.

If the painting you are purchasing is going to be hung on a surface that needs a particular type of gear, please reach out so we can make that happen for you.

Our shipping rates are pre-set and determined by size & weight. The pre-set prices have been thoughtfully chosen, using the safest and most cost effective shipping methods. We split and match the total shipping & handling cost for each purchase in order to offer a pre-fixed price that doesn't fluctuate.

We ship every painting ground, unless upgraded to 3 day air - UPS ground shipping typically takes 3-7 business days. The paintings in this collection are "ready to ship" meaning once we receive your order we will start our secure packing process. We can typically get the painting ready to ship within 1-3 business days!

Our paintings frames are uniquely crafted to complement and complete each individual piece, tying the entire vision together. Some works have pre-planned frames that we use as a focal point, and inspiration.

We have had occurrences of collectors loving a painting, but finding the frame not meshing with the rest of the vibe in their space. If you find yourself in that predicament, please reach out to inquire how we can accommodate re-framing the peice.

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buying art is a big decision, especially online without experiencing it in person can make anyone a little nervous. we have been on a mission to find the best lighting /camera to properly photograph our highly textured work. viewing our works in person is a completely different experience, and we are motivated to making the online experience as special; before the art reaches your home.


if you send us a few photos of your space (the spot you envision the painting: head on & from the side) we can create a rendering of what it would look like. we aim to make every experience collecting art with us personal: in person, or by phone from across the globe.

please reach out for additional videos, information, or questions about a peice. our goal is to bridge the gap between the online art purchasing experience and direct from the artist at a fair. nothing brings us more joy than connecting with people from all walks of life.

commission portfolio

commission portfolio

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