Refund policy


VISCERAL HOME'S REFUND + RETURN POLICIES DO NOT REFLECT HOW SERIOUSLY WE TAKE CUSTOMER SERVICE. THE SAFETY OF OUR ORIGINAL ART IS OUR #1 PRIORITY AND IT IS SINCERELY TIED WITH OUR COLLECTORS SATISFACTION. WE HAVE YET TO HAVE A REFUND OR RETURN REQUESTED AND WE AIM TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. OUR PRIORITY IS TO CONNECT YOU TO ART THAT YOU WILL CHERISH FULL HEARTEDLY FOR A LIFETIME. Each painting is uniquely its own, and cannot be exactly replicated. We take pride in the originality of our artwork. Our love and compassion for our collectors is evident, and nothing makes us happier than knowing our collectors are fully satisfied.  If our original artwork does not satisfy you entirely, you have 7 business days after delivery to reach out to us with any concerns that may result in a refund. Our original art is FRAGILE and we hope to avoid multiple shipments at all costs. We aim to reserve any refunds/ returns for cases in which no other solution can be agreed upon. 




Please share the concern, and solution you desire. Being straight forward will save time and energy so we can figure out the fastest + securest solution for the issue.

Refunds will only be available if our art is shipped back to us in the condition it was delivered. Please photograph the art after the first shipment (to you) and the art in it's new packaging prior to shipping it back to us. We will document the condition the painting is returned in and send photographs as we unpackage the painting. If the painting is in the proper condition we will issue a full refund of the COST of the ART, we will not refund shipping costs. 

If the art is damaged on its way back to us due to lack of secure packaging on customers end we can not offer a full refund. If the art is damaged during transit, with no fault of the customer, filing a claim with the carrier will be discussed.


7 day rule applies throughout all return/refund solutions. If the original art was not as expected and you desire to exchange the art for another painting, or credit the amount of the refund to a commissioned piece, the same policies as the refund policies apply. We must receive the art in good condition before applying the amount spent to an exchange. 


In the event our art was delivered to you damaged during transit, we will do everything in our power to help navigate the issue with YOU and the shipping company used. If there is damage, PLEASE document and photograph the packaging, the box, the art, and any details that can help us file a claim with the shipping company. That will be the only way we can utilize the insurance we pay for during EVERY shipment. If there is enough documentation of the damage, we can file a claim and arrange to have the painting repaired near you. 

We pack our art with the utmost care. In the last 3 years we have had one instance of a frame being slightly damaged - the painting was shipped cross country and during a severe California rain storm. We navigated the issue with the design firm who was able to fix the frame by reattaching the screws.  This situation allowed us to reflect on future situations and how we would handle them. 

If the worst case scenario happens, a damaged piece, we promise to help navigate the issue and would never leave you stranded to deal with it yourself. 



Our refund + return policies are not unconditional. We offer a handful of offerings to help decide if our art is the best fit for your home. Before purchase, we are happy to provide a FREE rendering of the painting you had in mind, photoshopped into the intended space. As well as additional videos of details, color tones, est. We know buying art online can be tricky, especially since textural works are not the easiest to photograph. Please help us help you take the extra steps to make sure our art will work in your home to avoid having to walk through the above steps. 

We take pride in knowing our works look BETTER in person,  any photograph taken of our art will not outweigh the detail in person. We feel honored every single time we sell a piece, no matter how big or small. Every connection made during sales are special to us, and we want to insure a confident experience throughout the entire process.