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accepting interior abstract mural submissions + custom paintings + custom frames + fiber artwork for 2023. mural pricing dependent on location, size, materials, and time. Before accepting your deposit, I will give you an estimated time frame in which I believe I can fulfill your request. Typically, 3-4 weeks depending on the commission requested. 3 weeks minimum if we are building a custom frame for the art. We build everything from hand from start to finish. I refuse to rush the artistic process, or the painting will not turn out the way we both intended. Shipping a painting or frame too early can result in smudging, chipping, and scrapping.each commission is loved, cherished and carefully created with your vision at the forefront of my mind. my artistic process is personal, important, and special to me. art made for my clients is thoughtfully planned start to finish. thank you for supporting small businesses and I look forward to working with you. 

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