Artists Taylor and Connor Robinson handcraft textured sculptural paintings and reliefs under their trade name visceral home. They share a love of foraging and experimenting with natural materials and earth’s minerals to cultivate a textural depiction of the moments that inspire them. A goal to create a visceral tactile experience for the viewer in the hopes of artistically conveying the human complexities of healing, learning, and growing. The art they create together during their meditative process is a personal reflective journey of healing parts of themselves they aim to encapsulate within the art itself. An offering of vulnerability that they construct with their own reflections and purpose, but also to give as a conduit for the viewer to have their own emotional response from an interpretation through the lens of each one’s own personal life experience. Armed with what they describe to be an inherent obligation to translate and transmute emotion into various art forms, the artists' greatest ambition is to ensure an intimately passionate and inspirational response to the works by paring vulnerable written autobiographies alongside viscerally evoking art.

The Robinsons use a variety of natural and unnatural materials to story-tell within their works. Including yet always expanding: plaster, concrete, rock pigment, exotic wood, driftwood, embroidered or hanging hand-spun yarn, healing crystals, iron, gemstone minerals, oil, rust, sand, and stone. The couple intimately brainstorms together, pushing each other creatively to reach new conceptual designs that feel originally their own. Connor begins each project by building and stretching a canvas using either linen, wood, or metal. Taylor textures and details the work while Connor builds each painting a hand-crafted frame using a wide variety of wood species and woodworking techniques. The goal remains to honor and enhance each other's works. Taylor states her art has completely evolved by handcrafting each component, stressing the painting would not be the same if it were not housed in their signature framing style. The frame is a focal point of their art. Each piece is partnered with poetry/autobiographies that are written during their creative process, in meditative reflection. They were taking uncomfortable conversations that are rarely had and using abstract expressionism as a euphemism.

The team uses their trade name, visceral home, to avoid conforming or being known for one particular art form. They find themselves consistently expanding and evolving their technique, processes, styles, and concepts. In addition to sculptural wall art/installations, the team has been experimenting with building new conceptual furnishing designs. Expanding into furniture design is a focus for the couple, which they plan on launching in the near future.

With a deep love of interior design and architecture, inspiration naturally blooms after appreciating enriching design concepts. They find themselves motivated by innovative expressive spaces that marry artistry and functionality. The couple aims to create pieces that will feel like investments, not decor. Original works that outlast fleeting trends, especially in this new social media age. Art to pass down and be shared. A visual story that feels just as much your own, as it was ours. Their influences in terms of design styles come from a wide range of time periods, designers, and architects. 1950s-1970s architecture and interiors; Mid-Century, Bauhaus, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Asian, Japandi, Industrial, and a splash of boho designs. Keeping in mind the spaces their art lands will continue to morph into new personalities, they focus on creating art that can be everlasting through many design changes.

There are some projects that start with fantasizing about the space where Taylor and Connor hope the finished piece will land. They consider the impact and textural components the painting will contribute to the home. Setting an intention that the right collector will stumble upon it, with an instant visceral reaction knowing that was the missing piece. An alignment of intention and faith that has proven itself to be effective, time and time again. Which space, home, and or commercially shared environment the art ends up in is considered even during their most spontaneous works. They are endlessly fascinated by the psychology of how home design can either be therapeutic or detrimental to your mental health. A safe space authentically your own was a dream of Taylors and a wish for all who choose to work with visceral home.

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a little more about taylor + her story + and tips for other creatives on how I persevered towards my artistic goals while dealing with mental health issues.

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a solo exhibition 2022 - @ julia deckman studios - a collection created to raise awareness regarding the lack of mental health and addiction resources in south carolina and across the nation.

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a month-long solo exhibition in may 2022 - @ the grand bohemian hotel gallery - a collection of works focusing on the correlation between trauma and substance use. we fundraised for Oxford House Non-Profit, an organization Taylor worked for and opened 8 sober living homes in the low country as an oxford house outreach.

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