Collection: currently available works

every painting has been cared for as individuals. treated as their own unique entity, story, personality. carefully chosen wooden houses to be encased in, getting ready for its next journey to the home it is called too. my husband connor builds the canvases and frames by hand, with precious love and admiration for learning everything there is to learn about woodworking. I paint those canvases and re-imagine the beauty of the wood or organic linen canvas to use to tell stories. 

some pieces are inspired and planned. destined from the start of the project, directly the product of a sight, feeling, mood, memory. in a way they feel like the mature version of myself, knowing who I am and where I am going. "understanding the assignment". paintings I look at when completed with beaming pride that I was execute an idea that was meaningful and impactful to me. 

some pieces start as plans, yet end up completely different when I enter meditation. those paintings are ones I typically connect to the deepest, its where my creative healing really takes place. letting go of expectations, welcoming uncertainty, resisting the temptation to judge myself. unraveling the thoughts fiercely attacking the silence, mixing them subconsciously with whatever medium I may be using. unknowingly using the self soothing tools i've been trying to teach myself for decades, only realizing when I stand up, take a deep stretch, and feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. 

my process keeps changing, and evolving. I welcome it. elated to share with you the  new ideas and passions that fill my mind. my grand obsession with finding new wood species to use as canvas and frames has become my favorite kind of treasure hunt.  admiring natures art in the form of natural wood grains, painting them with utmost respect, has left me inspired deeper than ever before. working with concrete + plaster + loose pigments (rock pigment, color pigment, raw healing crystals I turn into pigment, flowers+natural pigment) has currently taken over every canvas I pick up, eager to keep experimenting with creating new texture techniques. showing gratitude to the grains beauty while adding my own personal touch. intertwining fiber art with texture adds this almost necessary contrast to some pieces that brings this softness to the art it was craving.