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those who walked before her

those who walked before her

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4 layers of plaster + concrete + sand + crystal quartz grounds + arizona rock pigment (glen canyon) on canvas housed in a handcrafted, natural maple wood frame. 48 x 36 x 3. she is detailed with a piece of drift wood we found at Sullivan’s island, that I decorated delicately with black yarn. eternally fascinated with the diverseness of different textures and materials harmoniously united together like they were aligned to cohabitate. 


those who walked before her,

those who lead her to finally find solace within loneliness. she didn’t feel as alone knowing this feeling wasn’t uniquely tattooed to her. 

those who have experienced the intrusive chatter, and learned how to quiet it. those who felt deeply reassured in the new found love they grew for themselves, so much love it overflowed sharing it with her too.  those who shared their darkest moments with her, comforting her with the knowledge they eventually found the light. those who knew it was the right decision to walk away, walked through grief and made it to the other side to tell her it’s worth the pain. 

those who fought for woman they haven’t met. those who drew a roadmap for her incase her battery started to die. those who looked at their pain as a reference letter for a job taking some of the weight of the unknown off her shoulders.

those who proved healing can be done. those who broke silence to offer to help her find her strength. 

taylor robinson 2022.

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this piece is exclusively sold through the grand bohemian gallery. if you do not live in charleston and would like to purchase: fill out the contact form + i will have one of the gallerists to reach out to you directly. all my love, thank you.