read between the lines

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10 x 10 x 2 • embroidered canvas housed in a handcrafted raw poplar wood frame. wool + linen + sand + clay rock pigment + ground selenite. 

The embroidered pieces in our collections are the product of inspired thought, leading to experimentation to find the most suitable mediums to exhibit softness and rigid rock material, symbolizing both are required to embody strength.

"read between the lines" is the product of the conclusion I came to recently that sometimes, what is left unsaid can be more potent than what is spoken aloud. The beauty of two people from separate walks of life experiencing the same emotion and embracing silence while sharing a moment of transparent empathy. No words need to be said.

The contrast between the yarn and natural mineral textures creates a sense of depth and complexity, inviting the viewer to look beyond the surface and explore the underlying emotions stitched within the canvas.