silent confessions

acrylic, ink, oil, ground rock pigment, powdered emerald raw gemstone, liquid glass on linen canvas. housed in a handcrafted ponderosa pine wood frame that Connor hand-sanded to create buttery smooth curved edges to complement the ponderosa's natural grain details.    62h x 50w x 3.5d


a symphony of unspoken truths.  In the intricate dance of human interaction lies a silent language—a dictionary of unspoken cues and gestures that unveil our innermost thoughts and emotions—an ode to the delicate balance between reflection, exploitation, introspection, and interpretation.  As thoughts crystallize, so do realities... yet our minds, forever in motion, construct narratives from the shadows, weaving webs of assumption where clarity should reign. As you think, so you become.....our busy minds are forever jumping to conclusions, manufacturing and interpreting signs that aren't there.

Investigation. The shifting blush tones of our cheeks, the color drained from our skin as we suppress emotion, involuntary smirks that reveal hidden desires, and subtle cues that publish our deepest fearsconfessions we unknowingly share in the silent gaze in our eyes- Our eyes, the windows to the soul, reveal what our hearts already know; they tell the truth we try to withhold. In a world where predators hide behind masks of innocence and trust, our bodies speak a raw language, sending social signals that can be misinterpreted and weaponized. Even in the hearts of those with pure intent, human nature breeds curiosity and yearning to understand any undeclared feelings from the ones we love. It's a battle between reality and presumption, between perceiving and projecting. You digest a shrug, deep breath, or sign of sorrow as something, while it may be nothing at all—the weight we assign to these silent confessions can reflect the doubt you hold within your core beliefs. Sometimes, the lines blur between what is and what we wish to see. But in that ambiguity lies the opportunity for growth. We need to pause, reflect, and reconsider our certainties born from fear and pain.

A ballet of discernment and introspection, guarding against the vulnerabilities that render us exposed to the danger of trust. Sometimes, we may struggle to discern between reality and our assumptions. But remember, our perceptions can be deceiving. Our "intuition" can be clouded by the facts of our past. I tell myself constantly to take a moment to pause, reflect, and consider the possibilities. Avoiding the conclusions I've made from fear and pain.

A tango of reality and assumption, interpretation, and calculations, preventing the uncertainties that leave us vulnerable to change when we lean in to trust another being. The truth may emerge, unshackling us from misconception and revealing the moment that fear was formed.  Ultimately, it's not just what we infer but how we respond and transfer our perceptions into actions and deeds.

That will shape our lives and fulfill our needs. So let us not be fooled by what we think we know, but embrace uncertainty and let our curiosity grow. For the truth may surprise us, it may set us free. And in that moment, we'll discover what it means to truly be.

A mirror of our silent struggles, our veiled vulnerabilities, and the necessity of vigilance in a world where even the faintest whisper of confession can be exploited for gain.  So let "Silent Confessions" stand as a testament to the unseen language binding us together—a language of solace, connection, and the subconscious we all must dissect. Let it ignite a spirit of empathy, a commitment to honor the silent confessions that reverberate beneath the surface of our shared humanity. 

- Taylor Robinson, March 2024.

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