let go/ACCEPT

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sand, oil mixed with white agate *balance and harmony*/and raw rock pigment. both housed in hand-crafted poplar wood frames. a diptych. (58 h x 46 w x 2 d)  

⟐  “accept, then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it”— eckhart tolle

You can find the wise words of Eckhart tolle written all over my home. on post-it notes on my mirrors. on the back of paintbrushes. taped to the front of my exposure therapy journal - the journey to acceptance of anything life throws your way is an endless voyage that will come with harsh dangerous waves + beautiful sunsets.

I used to think acceptance was this magical key to one day become completely detached from emotion during situations that challenge fear and insecurities that all humans share-

to me, acceptance is allowing yourself to experience pain, joy, confusion, rejection, and injustices in our world- giving yourself permission to grieve, feel, and crumble. then notice and name the expectations you made. to recognize power in progress.

I dream of achieving such a state of mindfulness to try to live in unconditional acceptance. this year, witnessing myself shift from continuously creating unreasonable expectations for myself to celebrating small wins when letting go comes naturally to me— is the closest I’ve ever felt to feeling the true power of connecting to consciousness.

To pinpoint when you felt out of control, and the actions you take to regain that control make you see your behaviors in a whole new light.

Being unable to accept my weaknesses without self-hatred is deterring me from unconditionally loving myself/and others.

“Apathy paralyzes the will to action; acceptance frees it by relieving it of impossible burdens” — Arthur Gordon Webster.






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