his sensitive/strength

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24w x 32h x 2 depth. mediums used: organic handmade watercolor paper made In charleston housed In a red maple frame. watercolor + powdered crystal quartz.

 It is difficult to be vulnerable. But I as a human crave connection. How can I connect without sympathizing with someone else's perspective? without offering mine? It can be easy to put up a wall, to not let people in, it can be comfortable to be numb. But it can hurt more to keep up that wall and not allow myself the ability to experience genuine connection. its easier to react to the negativity of life's events by denying my feelings about them instead of allowing them and processing them. and the best way to process them is not just to feel but to relate. I want someone else to know how it feels because the burden of carrying all that emotion alone is far greater than the discomfort of opening myself up, making myself relatable and understandable. But that's the thing its hard to trust that people will understand, its hard to trust that letting my guard down isn't going to expose my vulnerabilities to someone potentially harmful. but i think most likely all people would like to be able to do that more. no matter how calous they have become, the strength of the wall they put up, the depth of denial they are in, the guard of intellect, or the entrapment of giving in to their darkest thoughts/desires, i think that if given a choice knowing the results thereafter, people would choose vulnerability/to be understood/ to be softer/ Everyone's got pain. people react different to it, but its one thing that connects us all. We would all choose to have less pain. I'm a sensitive person. But id rather be sensitive and face the possibility of more pain to have the possibility of even greater joy/meaning/connection. If we could all be a little more sensitive to our emotions and what effects they have on us as humans, the decisions we make because of them, the consequences of the decisions, we could all use our sensitivity as a strength to make stronger connections. If we could all connect and relate more, the world would be a softer place. People could be less of strangers. We cant change the world all at once but I can make my world more meaningful when I choose to use my sensitivity as a strength.  -connor


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