still water

water inspired artwork

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layers of concrete, ground blue kyanite, and sand on canvas dyed using crushed indigo leaf pigment steeped in hot water. creating the perfect 6:30 pm emerging sunset, still water blue. housed in a handcrafted ponderosa pine wood frame, Connor hand-sanded to create buttery smooth curved edges that complement the ponderosa's natural grain details. 18w x 22h x 3.5d



— a reverie to the universal yearning for a warm, soothing embrace of peace, as calm as still waters. Despite division, aside from opinions that tear our world apart and the destruction humans cause one another and the world around us. 

In times of tumultuous unrest, when the weight of the world's pleas and crises seem to bear down upon us with unrelenting force, I find solace in painting. It is a sanctuary that offers a glimpse of serenity amidst the chaos, a haven where I can escape the world's burdens and immerse myself in the moment's stillness. I once found refuge in substances, confusing the promise of numbness, and temporary forgetting was the same as a reprieve. Escaping crisis with alcohol and drugs while unknowingly running in circles, burning energy I could have used to dig myself out of the manmade hole of darkness. 

Amid the haze of my former refuge, no amount of sweet nothings or empty promises could provide me with hope, that one day I could find solace in any kind of "escape." Hesitant strokes whispered secrets of liberation as if each new piece was a declaration of independence from my former chains. I found a newfound language to express the tangled emotions that once drowned in the intoxicating embrace of substances. My unwavering dream and hope is that you find solace in something like we do in creating art.  

I take a deep breath as I watch the waves settle upon the shore, the water slowly becoming unbothered after the turbulent waves crash. It is a universal moment of connection that reminds us of the Earth's enduring beauty, which we all share as part of the human experience. The connection to nature, untouched by human concerns, brings a sense of comfort amidst the chaos. It lies in recognizing our shared humanity, even in divergence, and finding common ground in our collective longing for moments of quietude. Nature becomes our refuge, a place we can all escape to despite the divisions and discord that may fray the fabric of society. It stands apart from the opinions that polarize, from the harm we inflict on each other and the environment. Each country dealt with its dose of mayhem and uncertainty and shares a plea for sanctuary, a universal yearning for the soothing embrace of peace, as calming as still waters. It is a gentle nudge, reminding us of the tranquility available even in the darkest times. It is a peace we all desire but recognize cannot be ushered in by a single voice alone. To still my mind despite the ceaseless turmoil, similar to calming turbulent seas, is the greatest gift.

It is about mastering the art of stillness, quieting the inner turmoil that rages without regard for its intensity or pace—a state of motionlessness, serene and untouched. In my artwork, I strive to capture the power of healing. A tactile marker, to slow down and reflect on how far you've come. A nudge to discover the coping mechanisms you use that provide temporary release with long-term consequences.

Nature is a refuge, a place we can all escape to despite the divisions and discord that may fray the fabric of society. Nature needs us, the way we need her. It stands apart from the opinions that polarize, from the harm we inflict on each other and the environment. It reminds us that even in the most challenging of times, we can find solace and serenity in the beauty of the world around us. Flowers continually stepped on growing back. Waves break and become still again. The tranquility of breathing in the salty air near a body of water is a language universally understood and a feeling we do not need to describe.

- Taylor Robinson, March 2024.

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