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you’re the warmth in snow storms

you’re the warmth in snow storms

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“you’re the warmth in snow storms” 12x12 canvas in a 15 x 15 x 3 deep custom made black floating frame. oil + plaster + concrete stucco + ink. 

this entire painting has been built at our home— hoping to add warmth to yours. connor hand crafted the canvas from scratch, I then released my inspired vision through oil+plaster, to finish he built a frame for her. I aim to only sell pieces that are entirely original and hand crafted— special from start to finish.

I love to make sure I photograph my paintings in different lighting. lit underneath the painting, harsh light, soft light, flash, no flash, natural daylight, and placed in different room demos so you can get the feel of how it can compliment your space. 

Its hard to fully capture the true texture of my paintings in photos, but this one particularly is heavily textured + the colors reflect differently in different light- offering a complex piece to admire throughout the day. 


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