a womens touch

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 “a womens touch” 48x 48x 2

handmade canvas.  

the first touch of color on this canvas was crushed cranberries; naturally dying the center of the canvas + oil + coffee grounds + concrete stucco + sand + ink + plaster + watercolor 

inspired by the powerful touch of a women. the feminine touch; physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

before painting this piece I spent a long time writing my desire to divorce myself from my feminine and masculine abandonment. releasing my core beliefs developed from attachments and abandonment from the fantasized embodiment of what i believed i deserved in a nurturing feminine caretaker. it hasn’t mattered how many times I’ve processed this pain, the only way to heal the void of abandonment is becoming the powerful nurturing feminine I’ve always craved. 

i hope as we spread love to the strong women among us tomorrow- that we may also say a silent prayer for the men that long to embrace their feminine and allow them to let go of the cultural stigma around masculinity. 

happy international womens day- 




inquire below to request a custom painting using this original piece as inspiration.

inquire below to request a custom piece inspired by the original.