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beavertail lighthouse

beavertail lighthouse

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plaster + oil + concrete stucco 
50 x 29 x 3 wooden canvas set in a handmade wooden frame stained with dark walnut stain. 

I created this painting intended to be seen both horizontally and vertically—- it looks like a different painting both ways.

inspired by the view at beaver tail lighthouse in Jamestown, RI. 

when I lived on Jamestown I went to beaver tail lighthouse a few times a week. 

a week before I left Rhode Island I sat at beaver tail and begged the universe for a sign what to do. To leave or to stay. I knew if I stayed I would fall deeper into my addiction, and I knew I had to leave a relationship that destroyed me. 

walking to my car I met a couple from charleston who asked to take their picture— I took that as a sign. Back then i wasn’t in the right mindset to truly process A N Y T H I N G but what I did know is that was a screaming sign to go back to charleston. 

even though I fell deeper into my active addiction when I returned— that was what was suppose to happen to lead me to where I am today.

the connection I have to Jamestown, RI and the people who live there is pretty indescribable- it’s clique to say “you’d have to live there to understand” but I think anyone/everyone who has spent time there will know that’s the only way to explain its magic. 






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this painting is apart of an exclusive collection. to purchase please head over to corner copia market on james island, charleston south carolina. 1230 camp road.

if you live out of the area and wish to purchase this peice please use the contact form below to arrange payment + shipping.

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