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the original works..

behind plaster walls

behind plaster walls

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36 x 24 canvas set in matte black floating frame. ink + plaster + acrylic + spray paint + oil + watercolor  

“I urge you to be softer with yourself, 

I urge you to be softer with those you love, 

Soft touches can save the world. 

Soft touches loosen stiff hearts.  

Tightly bound shields created from fear of letting others in- 

Your softness is not your weakness. 

Your softness is your courage. 

Let your softness be your strength.  

Vulnerability is rare. 

I urge you to allow your soft vulnerability to touch those 

who secretly crave it in the silence locked behind thick plaster walls. “ 

  • Taylor Redler. 2021


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feel free to ask any questions, or request a mock up of this painting in the space you are thinking pondering hanging it.