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“frostbite” 40 x 40 x 2. acyrlic + ink + plaster + stucco + oil 

dedicated to the souls that are homeless/ and or struggling in the height of their active addiction during the freezing cold.

20% of this paintings sales will go towards buying jackets for those who cannot.

watching the news seeing the snow storms in the north made me nostalgic thinking about all the blizzards i would go out in, no matter the conditions, to make sure i have what i needed in active addiction—

god has allowed me to
create a life today full of love,
healing, creative magic,
the obsession to use drugs removed, and sometimes
life goes by so fast and I feel like
a completely different person
that I don’t stop and think about
my sobriety as much as I used

but the fact drugs/alcohol isn’t
the first thing I think about when
my eyes open and shut
everyday, is something that I
didn’t think was possible even
during my last sobriety stint (3
even though I was sober I didn’t
begin the healing of what made
me need to self sooth

i am grateful today
that my body is filled
with warm, fuzzy, gratitude
during cold weather; creating
art detailed with released feelings
and vibrational

instead of cold days,
sitting in a car with no heat,
in a parking lot in providence,
frost bitten toes
—- without the knowledge
that one day I will be defrosted
and freed from the freezing
hold of addiction

there is hope
and there is help

you can
recover too

I didn’t think it was possible to live a life without substances- you can recover too- 

if you are tired and stuck and don’t know where to start- reach out to me.


inquire below to request a custom painting using this original piece as inspiration.

inquire below to request a custom piece inspired by the original.