lost in space

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16 x 20. ink + oil + plaster. 

i created this today in hopes I return to my body. I awoke today hijacked by anxious thoughts and I still felt like I was trapped in the vivid night terror I just woke from. 

there’s a lot of days that start like this, but with that knowledge comes my responsibility for the actions I take to try to center myself and comfort my inner child reassuring her that she’s safe. 

I told her she is loved. 
I told her she’s deserving of gentle kindness from those around her. 
I told her she is aloud to feel her feelings. 
I told her she is safe. 
I told her she is worthy of enjoying today. 

I painted. I stretched. I drank water. I journaled. I talked out my feelings. I practiced breathe work. I gave myself grace to relax and create. 

But yet I still feel lost in space. a big part of my healing was finally accepting some days it just is what it is. all I can do is utilize the self soothing practices I’ve learned to help sooth the emotional/physical symptoms of anxiety. sometimes they don’t work right away, and that’s ok!!!!!! there are days that can spin me out even more. “why don’t I feel better?” “is there something else going on?” “is my intuition picking up on something bad that’s going to happen?*that’s my fav bcs my anxiety always loves to trick me that way*”. 

I will not let it spin me out today. I’m anxious. I’m ok. I’m safe. I’m creating. I will feel better. I am getting better. I’m healing. I’m loved. and I’m lost in my head today but I will be found. 

inquire below to request a custom painting using this original piece as inspiration.

inquire below to request a custom piece inspired by the original.