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the glass inferno

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liquid glass & porcelain + chinese ink on canvas housed in a handcrafted poplar wood frame stained antique gold. 41w x 31h x 1.5d 

"the glass inferno" was an unplanned and explosive composition fueled by rage and intentional distraction. A painting that captures the power of nature and the beauty that can be found in destruction. I hope the viewer can see meaning within this piece that feels as true as that felt to me. This painting reflects my fascination with the interplay between light and dark and how fire can illuminate even the darkest corners of our world. The glass vessel represents the fragility of life, while the fire within symbolizes the passion and intensity that burns within us all.

I started this piece on a Saturday afternoon; after spending the day in a dissociated state, feeling uninspired and exhausted, I forced myself to get up and paint anyway. I was experiencing intense intrusive thoughts, so loud music couldn't begin to defuse them. Sometimes, in that scattered headspace, I turn to true crime podcasts to focus on a story that takes my attention away from my reality and any expectations for the blank canvas.

Step by step, focusing on a story similar to mine, I subconsciously started to paint rich red flames that felt raw and expressive of my emotional state—the essence of a raging fire within a fragile glass vessel. I purchased what I thought was ink a few days prior, but it turned out to be liquid glass, which I had never used before. This medium created the most fascinating, vivid details. The more I experimented with mixing it with water and ink, the more I saw movement in color in ways I hadn't experienced with raw pigment. It felt alive. It was breathing and fueling the creative fire within me I was desperately searching for when I decided to get up and start, even if I didn't feel inspired to.

It is a testament to the power of the human spirit and the beauty that can be found in even the most destructive of forces.



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