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visceral home

to build a home

to build a home

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33 x 47 x 3 walnut wood canvas housed in a poplar wood frame. plaster + ink + oil + concrete + sand + shells + woods stain + crushed crystal quartz + rock pigment + rust. this may be my favorite painting I’ve ever created- 

Everyday I work to plant roots within myself. Clean my HOME that is my body. Furnish my body/home with things that bring me joy. Embrace movement that feels good for my body and soul, hobbies that make me feel connected to myself, and build self esteem and self worth by doing esteem-able acts. No matter the relationship I have with anyone on this planet, no matter the comfort of any space or state or country I live in: I live in my body. My home is my body. The people, hobbies, nature, activities I surround myself with are merely a reflection of how I think I deserve to be treated in that moment. The more I declutter the toxicity in my home, the safer and more secure I will feel to move about this life knowing no matter what the circumstance I will be okay because I am me.

The journey to self love is an endless one.  WE are faced with adversity daily that challenge the beliefs we have formed of who are at our core everyday, it is our responsibility to keep rebuilding and improving our souls structural core foundation.

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