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oil + acrylic + metal + iron mediums + rust. 36 x 48.

created + sold 2020

this painting holds a big place in my heart- I worked on it little by little each day, it was healing but also troublesome because I was fearful of ruining the vision I had of it.

I started surfing earlier this year, it was hard to learn, which was challenging on my self esteem but the most rewarding experience I've had working so hard everyday to get better and finally gotten the results I was looking for. it is the most healing, centering sport that puts me into the most meditative state. my confidence and self esteem has skyrocket as I learn new tricks and get the air/rides I have dreamt up. 

my vision was to display what I see when I see the folly beach washout. so many different expressive waves, clouds, tides. surfing now has become the activity that brings me immense joy, comfort, and connection to myself and the earth. 

inquire below to request a custom painting using this original piece as inspiration.

inquire below to request a custom piece inspired by the original.