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frequently asked questions

find our art during business hours at:

The Grand Bohemian Hotel Gallery Charleston, SC: hours & directions.

The Aura Era Showroom, Jacksonville FL: hours & directions.

Keshet Gallery, Boca Raton, FL: hours + directions

Claudia Leonardo Interiors Showroom, Charleston, SC: hours + directions

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we love nothing more than to see our art get settled into it's new home -

if you are a charleston local, we offer free delivery up to 25 miles. if you would like us to install your piece, please contact us after you place your order so we can coordinate an installation date. we can provide delivery and installation if the delivery exceeds 25 miles, but please advise we do charge a small fee.

out of county & out of state: we are always open to consider traveling to install your new painting, AND to provide interior or exterior murals and wall reliefs. please contact us to see if this is something we can make happen!

yes, we ship all over the globe! please note that customs can be tricky, but we've always made it work! Internationally shipped order rates could vary depending on your region, please reach out prior to placing so we can provide the most accurate shipping cost & estimated arrival.

YES. charleston mental health resources

if you are in the charleston area and the information you are looking for is not provided in the resource booklet please reach out and we can help you in any way we can.

if you need help finding online resources, lost with how to help a loved one or yourself, want to find sober living but don't know where to start, just need a friend to talk to: please reach out.

use the contact form, or text 843-847-0333