a glimpse back in time. the evolution of two artists finding their voice through experimentation, study, repetition, and empowerment. growth endlessly inspires our art, as well as the way we choose to live our lives today. each piece has played its part to add to our creative language. milestone moments and details that have been uniquely shared within each painting.

this collection isn't about the art we have "sold". it is a tribute to the artwork we put our heart and soul into during every step of our process. to look back and witness our memories and life markers through artwork, like a photo album, is uniquely inspiring -

if there is a painting listed below that you feel energetically drawn to, wishing it was available: please reach out as we would love to create a custom piece for you inspired by that piece. no two paintings are ever the same, but we try our best to honor/ re-create art that you wish to place in your home.

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