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now available to view and purchase at the grand bohemian hotel gallery.

48 x 41 x3 handcrafted walnut wood canvas housed in a poplar wood frame. 

concrete, plaster, oil, sand, mika pearl, ground crystal quartz selenite onyx, ink.

Honesty and vulnerability creates for a safe atmosphere. One that promotes growth and just like our own earth’s atmosphere, our body absorbs the positive light + sun of those around you. Have you ever thought about how ignorance and negativity of others, those unable to take a look at themselves can clutter the world around you? Have you ever felt the warm feeling of someone admitting/realizing they’ve dishonored themselves by acting out in human actions that may have hurt someone they’ve loved? Every human has made choices that has turned them into a villain of someone else’s story, even if the action wasn’t meant to cause pain. 

Sit and think about how the world can shift if people can sit with and admit their mistakes. Or realize the shortcomings resulted from conditioned behaviors, allowing that person to grow love for themselves in a way that brings about deep forgiveness, so they can genuinely love someone else? How terribly do you need an apology from someone who has caused you pain, even after you’ve already processed why they function the way they do? 

When questioning the actions of others I’ve come to  realize there are three types of human bonds that have tainted or expanded my atmosphere. The ones that share my blood, in which I didn’t have a choice to let them dictate the unfolding of my youth. How I learned to interpret “good”or “bad” relationships. The people who I formed bonds with while I was unaware of what I needed to heal, some forming trauma bonds and some sent to help my awakening. The people who entered my life after my awakening to how I deserve to be loved/treated.

The only way I’ve learned to free myself of any pain caused during relationships is figure out my level of awareness during those energetic exchanges. Unconditionally loving all humans where they are is different than allowing them to directly affect your peace. Loving someone from a distance, is an act of love towards yourself and that person. 

The natural wood frame represents the authenticity of the relationships I have today. Almost as a shield to the disfunction of past relationships and encounters. The inside of the frame is painted black symbolizing the divide between processing these truths and the stillness of my life today. Details and textures in the painting representing the act of releasing and compacting different realizations throughout the years of relationships I’ve questioned.

Every encounter bleeding into the other. Between my partner and I, between my friendships, and family. Holding back sharing how Ive interpreted situations and the way words can make one feel, only created another layer of shielding one’s self from the person they authentically are meant to become. In the moment it may feel easier to ignore hard truths about one’s you love/loved deeply, but with ignoring those truths builds polluted spaces that are meant to feel safe. 

You deserve a safe atmosphere. Everyone deserves a safe atmosphere. You have the right to choose who you allow to influence your life, from the moment you realize you have a choice. You have a choice. Once you make peace with the truth that you do not have to allow people in your life that cause you pain: the love you have for yourself will expand in ways you’ve never imagined. 

It isn’t easy, it’s hard to think of yourself before others: it’s hard to think of someone else’s sadness from an action of self love you took for YOURSELF. 

They also have a choice. They have a choice to choose to awaken to what they need to heal, so they can be a positive force in the atmospheres they enter. It’s a personal choice how long you are willing to wait to see if they can make that decision on their own, no one can force anyone else to heal. I waited too long for some relationships that have decades of trauma attached to them. Causing myself immense pain in the process, feeling unsafe and uncertain over and over again. Once I realized the pain I was causing MYSELF, shifting the blame towards myself for allowing it to happen.. I set the boundaries I needed too.

My atmosphere is too important to be cluttered. I cannot grow in darkness. Every moment of every relationship has shaped the friend, partner, family member, human I am today. Without taking responsibility for the pain I’ve caused other people, I couldn’t feel deserving of my own space. It’s a cycle of growth, acceptance, forgiveness, and love. What do you need to release from your atmosphere so you can take deep safe breathe of light + love so you can be a positive force in life? 

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