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“alignment”.  created with the intention be used as a meditative tool for square breathing.

Square breathing is a type of breathwork that can shift your energy, connect you more deeply with your body, calm your nervous system, and reduce the stress in your body.

It is also referred to as box breathing, 4×4 breathing, and 4-part breath.

recenter by gazing at the painting: 

shift your focus on each wooden square while completing the 4 step square breathing technique. 

hold your breathe 1,2,3,4

breathe out 1,2,3,4

hold your breathe 1,2,3,4

breathe in 1,2,3,4  


36 x 10 x 3 1/2.
mixed media art accent perfect for odd spaces in your home, the perfect addiction to a gallery wall, or simply anywhere in your home craving soothing blue and dark tones. 

unique pieces of maple wood cut 4 into canvases. then set on a hand crafted matte black frame/pedestal. 3 1/2 deep in depth intended to grab your attention. 

mediums used: watercolor, plaster, concrete, oil, acrylic, iron paint, patina rust activator, sand+shells from folly beach, and muddles mika pearl and clear quartz. 


inquire below to request a custom painting using this original piece as inspiration.

inquire below to request a custom piece inspired by the original.