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handmade canvas + espresso stained sugar pinewood frame. plaster + oil + sand + concrete + coffee grounds + ink + powdered rose quartz + powdered rust. 32 x 26 x 2.5

Those starving,
tend to miss the fruit,
but not the tree.
Yet: without taking care of the root,
spring will bring no new leaves,
no sweet summer will follow suit.



the moment when you look

back and unfold the little moments

of doubt, fear, excitement, redirection,

difficult decisions you couldn’t figure out

how to make—- and see why it

happened the way it did, you will understand

why your patience was required


why one door opened and

another closed. why the thing you

wanted the most a few months ago, feels

like a fleeting thought today—-


you are preparing yourself to deeply, earnestly

believe you are worthy of abundance.

you planted seeds, watered & nourished them,

cut back any weeds, to finally harvest the

fruits of your love & labor.


patience friend,

its growing, to rush that process

Can kill your harvest Xx



- Taylor Robinson 2024





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