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NOT IN FL?: to purchase or inquire please email or call Anabel & Justin Hochberg owners of Keshet Gallery.

OR if you live in the Boca area, we cannot wait for you to viscerally experience this piece in person.

24w x 48h x 1.5d • ground selenite, ground crystal quartz, plaster, concrete. the green and tan details was created using sand from sullivans island mixed with rock pigment + ground emerald + linseed oil, making a paste.

housed in a handcrafted natural poplar wood frame. 

I am forever in the debt of my dreams. Of the things I cannot see, I long for them to be a part of me. While I am stuck in a reverie, the world keeps turning. Day-to-day happenings are mundane; I lose time to the rhythm of the sun up, sun down. Things happen but don't change. Is it normal or more insane? I have learned to smile at the comfort of certainty, but still, my sight goes hazy when I pause for a second too long, my mind swept away with potential to a world of spirit and euphoria, like the height of a great song. The crescendo has passed, and I'm left with the task of awakening the visceral feeling I feel while dreaming. It's not something to say; for me, I'll bring it to life in a way that gives me something sentimental and appealing with meaning. "Spellbound"