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the aura era

stone walls, and lost connections.

stone walls, and lost connections.

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20 x 16 canvas in a hand built mahogany wood frame. oil + ink + plaster + acrylic 

 a gentleman at one of my markets recently said one of my paintings reminded him of the stone walls on both sides of the highway as he’d drive up to Boone to see his family. 

that was exactly what I envisioned while creating it. I wanted to recreate the stone walls but with broken blue skies in between them. this is what I let flow from me. 

Boone wasn’t my destination, Asheville was. I remember the first time I went to Asheville to visit a dear friend, who I lost contact with, my excitement grew and grew to see the mountains when passing these stone walls. 

while painting this I thought of that. and I thought of the friend I lost connection too, who touched my heart in ways I can’t really put into words. I think this painting is fueled by a lot of happy memories and some regrets and the harsh reality of how quickly things/relationships can change. 

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