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the aura era

70s tribute

70s tribute

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24in x 48in x 3in wooden frame in a hand built mahogany wood frame.  

oil + plaster + ink + metal powder + acrylic. 
this painting is inspired by the abundance of shades of brown and orange in homes and worn, in the 70s.  I am constantly inspired by midcentury modern decor and find myself looking at old interior magazines for painting inspiration often. 

I see this painting being hung horizontally or vertically. I installed hardware both ways intended to make sure it’s new collector can utilize this painting both ways. 

This painting would be perfect for the end of a hallway, above a bed, above a couch, above a piano, behind a tv. I love this size canvas because it fulfills oddly shaped walls need for color and emotion. This painting will add warmth to your space, and lots of plants surrounding it make the brown shades pop.  

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only available for purchase through the aura era.