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26 x 26 x 4. housed in a handcrafted natural poplar wood frame. mika pearl + coffee dyed linen canvas + coffee grounds + concrete stucco + acrylic + sand + oil + plaster + ground crystal quartz + ground black onyx 


f r e e d o m -

I  created a guilt so deep for myself my bones constantly ached -

to myself, my younger self

and to you.. 

may you experience freedom from guilt,

guilt driven from societal standards creating a taboo force field between breaking free from generational trauma and the selfless self sabotaging of re-traumatizing one’s self.

may you feel freedom from who you thought you wanted to be, who you were told you were meant to be, and all the things you aren’t.

may you feel free of expectations held so high the pressure finally erupted -

may you feel free to create a life you want to wake up to e v e r y d a y  without the ache of guilt. 

to experience true freedom, to be free, truly free has been learning to love the parts of myself I deemed unloveable -

taylor redler robinson







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feel free to ask any questions, or request a mock up of this painting in the space you are thinking pondering hanging it.