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a new season

a new season

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24 x 24 x 2 .  plaster, oil, concrete, crystal quartz, aventurine, ocean jasper, pearl mika, black onyx,  mother of pearl (Australia), sand, rust.

I’ve become obsessed with how crystals are formed. I’ve always had a connection with the energetic sensation while meditating with crystals. I was gifted an amethyst when I was 5. I remember asking over and over again if this was real, and how this could be possible. I had this instant natural connection to the stone. Discovering new kinds of crystals and learning the benefits of their properties has been a healing venture I’ve always enjoyed.

Not only are crystals insanely enchanting to gaze at, powerful in your hands, packed with vibration raising healing properties, but the metaphor of each unique stone being created from different environmental factors offers a comforting feeling of being less alone.  There are so many different types of crystals that are magic in their own right, a sincere metaphor for humans being magic in their own way all being formed under different unique environmental circumstance. The influence of the world around them has shifted, changed, morphed, formed this insanely special glimmering object; making it hard to have a favorite. 

The past year I’ve been using a wide range of natural materials and rock pigment in my art. I started to wonder how I can incorporate crystal healing without just sticking one in the center of a painting. The study of this new medium has been extremely inspiring. “a new season” of my art study with rock pigment. I’ve been experimenting with a wide range of raw crystals,  testing the stages of precious stones and premature formations. Muddling, smashing, liquifying, extracting.

”a new season” was my first attempt at utilizing all of the different experiments I’ve tried using crystals. In this piece, you will find  extracted color from a huge chunk of raw rose quartz, crumbles of quartz + aventurine throughout giving the most glorious texture, black onyx powdered pigment, chunks of raw black onyx + crystal quartz + ocean jasper, and a perfect square piece of exotic mother of pearl from Australia. 


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feel free to ask any questions, or request a mock up of this painting in the space you are thinking pondering hanging it.