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acrylic, wood stain, ink, liquid glass, and sand on canvas housed in a handcrafted poplar frame.  37 x 37 x 4

Breaking chains. Within her textured depths lie a soul's struggle to reclaim autonomy and self-worth in the face of deeply ingrained negative core beliefs. "liberation" is a visual depiction of breaking free from the insidious grip of childhood conditioning-

The seeds of self-doubt and inadequacy were sown within her by external influences – generational trauma, societal expectations, familial dynamics, cultural norms. These early experiences sculpted the contours of her perception, shaping her sense of identity and self-worth, subtle and profound.

Reverberated within, manifesting as a relentless chorus of self-criticism and doubt. The shackles of ingrained beliefs, imprisoning, within a self-imposed cage of limitations and insecurities.

Amidst the shadows of self-doubt, a flicker of defiance emerged – taking shape of women who walked before her. Holding fire, glimmering with hope and whisperings of a different reality- one untethered by the constraints of conclusions made before she even met herself. 

A long journey towards emancipation– fraught with uncertainty, and what once she thought to be setbacks, were in reality new doors she opened. Which propelled her to fight with an unyielding resolve to break free from the chains that once restrained her. 

The acrylic paint, wood stain, ink, and liquid glass converge in a symphony of colors and textures, mirroring the complexities of the inner landscape undergoing profound transformation.

The inclusion of sand on canvas serves as a tactile metaphor for the grit and resilience required to confront and transcend the limiting beliefs that once held her captive. Each grain of sand bears witness to her unwavering determination to excavate the layers of conditioning, reclaiming lost fragments of self, amidst the shifting sands of introspection.

As "liberation" was placed in its home within a handcrafted poplar frame, it symbolizes not only the supportive structure that surrounds and uplifts her but also the resilience inherent in the human spirit. The frame becomes a tangible reminder of the scaffolding of support – from her husband, loved ones, mentors, and inner strength – that bolsters her on a transformative journey.

A journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and perhaps, you find echoes of your own struggles and triumphs. Embracing the boundless potential that lies within. A celebration of the courage to confront the shadows of the past and emerge, transformed, into the radiant light of self-love and acceptance. - Taylor Robinson 02/ 26/  2024

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