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chasing sunrise

chasing sunrise

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21 x 21 x 2. handcrafted organic cotton canvas set in a handcrafted natural poplar wood frame. mediums used: oil + linseed oil. painted by taylor, framed by connor. 

chasing sunrise is inspired by the dark weight lifted off of me since summer has started. I struggle with mental health issues year round, but I know deeply that changing seasons truly affect my spirit and wellbeing. 

I recharge in the sun. I recharge in nature. I am a Leo naturally drawn to the sun. I haven’t painted using just oil and linseed oil in almost a year. I am constantly called to and creating art with intense texture (concrete, plaster, est).

I fought with myself when I got home from the beach to add plaster to the painting but I think the sunny and bright and happy simplicity of the soft blends of natural “light” in the oil depicts the inspiration for this painting perfectly.  this was painted at sunrise on folly beach, sc. 



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feel free to ask any questions, or request a mock up of this painting in the space you are thinking pondering hanging it.