A collection of our original paintings ready to ship from our studio to your home. for a short time, with complimentary sitewide shipping. Securely packed, insured, and en route to you within 1-3 business days of receiving your order. Every painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a printed biography detailing the story behind the piece, and a comprehensive list of the mediums, minerals, and pigments used.

For inquiries or to request a custom rendering of our art in your space, please contact us.


Our shared and separate practices experiment with contrasting natural earth compounds and structural elements. Including, and expanding; plaster, concrete, foraged rock pigment, clay, exotic wood, driftwood, embroidered or hanging hand-spun yarn, wool, leather, hand-ground/ powdered healing crystals, iron, gemstone minerals, ground shells, ink, oil, rust, sand, and stone.

We brainstorm and inspire one another to challenge uncertainty with ever-evolving original conceptual designs. Connor begins the process by building and stretching a canvas using either linen, wood, or metal. Connor creates unique wooden sculptures using a wide variety of materials and techniques. Taylor paints, textures, embroiders, and details the paintings. To finish, each painting is built a home, Connor’s hand-crafted frames in which he uses various wood species and woodworking techniques.

The goal remains to honor and enhance each other’s works. Taking uncomfortable conversations rarely had and using abstract expressionism as a euphemism, our work offers vulnerability to the viewer to stimulate authentic conversation.


We are inspired by the human condition and how the psychology of design and art influences our everyday lives. We are inspired by how the details within a home can completely change your mood. We are encouraged to create artwork that produces calming waves of comfort when the viewer takes a moment to pause in the present moment, digesting the textural stories embedded within our art. We are passionate about driving the viewer to feel the feelings that wash over them while viewing artwork, especially the emotions they cannot name. visceral home was given its name after being told multiple times our art provoked emotion that the viewer physically felt but couldn’t find the words for. I have found throughout my own personal journey of healing from childhood trauma that feeling you cannot name is the most important. Finding the root of the immediate reactions you experience in day-to-day life are the moments your body is holding onto that likely need healing.


The team uses their trade name, visceral home, to avoid conforming or being known for one particular art form. They consistently expand and evolve their technique, processes, styles, and concepts. In addition to sculptural wall art/installations, the team has been experimenting with building new conceptual furnishing designs. Expanding into furniture design is a focus for the couple, which they plan on launching in late 2024.

With a deep love of interior design and architecture, inspiration naturally blooms after appreciating enriching design concepts. They are motivated by innovative, expressive spaces that marry artistry and functionality. The couple aims to create pieces that feel like investments, not decor. Original works that outlast fleeting trends, especially in this new social media age. Art to pass down and be shared. A visual story that feels just as much your own as it was ours. Their influences in design styles come from various periods, designers, and architects. 1950s-1970s architecture and interiors; Mid-Century, Bauhaus, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Asian, Japandi, Industrial, and a splash of boho designs. Keeping in mind the spaces their art lands will continue to morph into new personalities, they focus on creating art that can be everlasting through many design changes.

We feel drawn to painting using earth tones, foraging our own pigment in nature, and the designs within wood grains. Intense feelings of joy, pain, craving for authenticity, and connection are motivating experiences that call us to create. Some projects start with fantasizing about the space where Taylor and Connor hope the finished piece will land. They consider the impact and textural components the painting will contribute to the home. They are setting an intention that the right collector will stumble upon it, with an instant visceral reaction, knowing that it is the missing piece. An alignment of intention and faith that has proven effective, time and time again. The space, home, and commercially shared environment the art ends up in is considered even during their most spontaneous works. They are endlessly fascinated by the psychology of how home design can either be therapeutic or detrimental to your mental health. A safe space authentically your own was a dream of Taylors and a wish for all who choose to work with visceral home.