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48 x 48 x 2 1/2

ink + plaster + oil on hand made canvas. 

I’ve worked on this painting since New Year’s Eve. Picking up my paintbrush only when I felt like the version of myself I know I can be. I only wanted to work on this peice when I felt centered, connected, confident, joyful, present, GRATEFUL, serene, sincere, loved/loving, worthy, trusted, whole, and only while deeply embodying the truth that I am progressing just as I am meant too. 

this year: 

I did not make resolutions. 
I did not make promises to myself: setting myself up for failure knowing I will beat myself up for breaking them. 

I am me. I am changing. I am growing. I am healing. 

this year I will try my hardest (and forgive myself when I fall short):

  • I will show myself loving kindness in all areas of my life 
  • I will take care of/love my inner child as I would any other child. She deserved kindness. 
  • I will be loving to those around me and remember everyone is fighting a battle I do not see. 
  • I will be genuine, honest, humble, and vulnerable even when my ego may feel embarrassed 
  • I will learn and practice new skills that make me feel joy
  • I will follow my dreams and get up no matter how many times I may fall 
  • I will process rejection as new opportunities waiting for me 
  • I will be my own loving parent.  
  • I will advocate for myself, my mental health, my physical health, and those I love. 
  • I will not measure my beauty by the weight on my scale, and identify when I am comparing myself to other women  
  • I will challenge my intrusive thoughts with real facts and identify deep rooted fears 
  • I will not stop sharing my truth until I can inspire others to do the same 
  • I will create new core beliefs and believe I am worthy of loving, honest, and healthy relationships 
  • I will take one action a day to accomplish my goal of being a fine artist 
  • I will work towards becoming the best version of myself everyday, and will give myself grace when I fall short 
  • I will forgive myself 
  • I will remember I am human 



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